About Schitt's Creek

Food & Lodging

Schitt’s Creek Motel

The Schitt’s Creek Motel offers a wide range of accommodations, from rooms with two beds, to rooms with one, to rooms with one or two beds and the option of a cot. Whether you have a Woodsview Room or a Roadview Room, you’ll love our box spring-supported mattresses, round-screen TVs, and continental breakfast (available for a small cost at the nearby café). For issues with the plumbing, please call Alan anytime after 2pm, and please speak softly.

Cafe Tropical

If you judge a restaurant by the size of its menu and by the number of cuisines that are specialties, then you’re in for a treat. With options like Mexican, Mediterranean and Miscellaneous, you’ll never be bored. For vegetarians, meat can be removed from most dishes. Just use one of our stainless steel forks! Also, be sure to come on Tuesday nights for our fun- filled Group Sudoku with Gwen.

Don’t forget our weekly Schitt’s Creek viewing party with half-priced poppers!

Picnic Area (Now with crows)

You’ve heard of the Teddy Bears’ picnic? If you take a basket of sandwiches to one of our many picnic areas, we guarantee that a family of crows will be swarming overhead in no time. Did you know that crows can distinguish and remember faces? Just one of the many fun facts about these curious creatures.


Blouse Barn

No longer just a clever name, Blouse Barn is quite literally a barn filled to the brim with blouses—almost to the point of restricting mobility throughout the store. We dare you to think of a type of blouse that we don’t have. Seriously, get a pen and paper and try to come up with a blouse that’s not in our store. Spoiler alert: you won’t.

Jeanine’s Hair Salon

When you go to Jeanine’s, you don’t just get a haircut—you get hours of conversation. Jeanine is like a talk show host who knows something about everyone and does all of the talking. No hair? No problem. Come in anyway and Jeanine’s adult son will rub your head, on the house.

“Petting Zoo”

This one’s for the kids: Do you like petting zoos? We don’t have one yet, but you’re welcome to head on over to Ted’s veterinary office to observe many breeds of unwell dogs from a comfortable distance.